Maintain Your Hot Water System Now


With winter here, the thought of taking a cold shower is pretty scary! Imagine starting your shower on a cold, winter’s morning, only to find the water freezing. Hot water failure or breakdown results in cold showers and quite often a costly repair.

Whichever occurs, hot water issues may be prevented with regular maintenance. Common causes are faulty valves and leaky storage tanks. Faulty thermostat or element that heat water, are another problem. Pilot lights may go out during storms, and need re-lighting.

Properly working valves ensure your tank is sending the correct temperature of hot water to your taps. This stops bacteria breeding, or boiling water harming you and your loved ones. If valves aren’t regularly maintained, they can become stuck open. All your hot water will end up straight down the drain…along with your money!

The sacrificial anode in your system is there to help prevent corrosion of the tank. It needs to be replaced periodically, as it gradually breaks down in favour of the tank. Having the anode replaced will help you enjoy a continuous flow of hot water. The alternative may be a high water bill and replacing a corroded and leaking tank.

Water leaks are usually followed by emergency repairs. Keeping an eye on your water meter can also help with early detection. Most water services will have a stop tap you can turn off in the event of an emergency

A licensed plumber is qualified to carry out annual check of your hot water unit. He can carry out any other hot water repairs. Ensure your hot water heater is serviced every 12 months. It will reduce the likelihood of being caught unawares with no hot water and a costly repair bill.

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If you have a hot water emergency or any other water supply problem please call our office for 24 hours service. We are happy to liaise with your landlord or agent for speedy repairs.

Our qualified plumbing practitioners will provide Plumbing Compliance Certificates. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your hot water system is working at its optimum capacity.

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