Why servicing your Hot Water System may save you big money or prevent an emergency hot water breakdown

With winter approaching, the thought of taking a cold shower is frightening! Imagine turning on the shower in the early hours of a cold, rainy, winter’s morning, only to find the water freezing!

Having no hot water may be caused by a variety of issues that may be prevented with regular maintenance. These can range from failing tempering, pressure relief, or isolation valves, to a leaking tank, or faulty thermostat or element, just to name a few.

For example, non-serviced hot water release valves can become stuck open, causing excess hot water water to be released into your drain resulting in loss of hot water. In the case of the cold water expansion valve, it may continually be sending cold water …and your hard earned money straight down the drain in excess water usage!

The TMV or the tempering valve will ensure that, whilst your tank is heated to a temperature that prevents bacteria breeding, the water delivered through your taps, protects you and your loved ones against scalding.

The sacrificial anode in your system is there to help prevent corrosion of the tank, and needs to be replaced periodically, as it gradually deteriorates in favour of the tank. Determining when the anode should be changed may be the difference between enjoying uninterrupted hot water or having to replace a corroded and leaking tank.

A licensed plumber is qualified to carry out your annual check and diagnose the above problems or any other potential issues. Ensuring a qualified plumber regularly services your hot water system once a year, will reduce the likelihood of being caught unawares with no hot water, and potentially a costly repair bill.

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